Derma Roller for Skin Care

The derma roller is special equipment that increases skin elastin and produces collagen, a natural product for skin care. A photon derma roller is however special compared to a manual photo roller as its benefits includes those of the regular one and Photon therapy.

With a manual derma roller, it will take a longer time for application as you will have to wait enough to enable the skin to absorb the numbing cream and frequent application is necessary for better results. With a photon derma roller, it is equipped with micro needles in which following instructions on the product carefully, the application is easy, quick and results are even marvelous. Your face has a strong barrier that prevents water and any other external energy from entering your skin and therefore without interfering with the skin layer it can be difficult to get the numbing cream absorbed and it’s never a surety when using the Regular Roller. That’s why photon roller is the best choice to guarantee skin care.

A photon derma roller doesn’t damage the skin as many people would think; the needles have minimal length that would just scratch the top layer of the skin. It has a red or blue light that are strong .Once you roll it on your face, the light is immediately converted into heat and chemical energy that react to produce collagen. Collagen will at once get rid of the tiny pores made by the needles if any, and heal your skin from any scars or marks.
It gives a good experience upon use and the results are just perfect. Get this product and enjoy the benefits stated below;

Get rid of acne and other types of scars
It’s an anti-aging product as it prevents development of wrinkles and keeps your skin young and glowing.

Collagen prevents stretch makes

It has functions of anti-inflammatory which protects your skin against infections and increases your skin immunity.

Increases skin metabolism and makes it appear bright, smooth and glossy even under stress

Prevents stretch marks that can interfere with your skin beauty and make it unattractive.

It’s a super product with expensive and pleasing results, and with its skin care protection mechanism it will avoid visiting skin experts from skin infections and therefore save your money.
The product will increase the production of collagen as it has two interchangeable heads. With the smooth roller and 1mm needle length, USB and regular plug options, working with it is easy, modified for comfort and brings amazing results.


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